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How to Maintain Carpet After a Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping your carpets clean makes a big difference to your home. When your carpets are clean, they look good, smell good, and your whole home takes on a much nicer ambiance. However, the problem many homeowners face is knowing how to maintain this clean standard after a professional carpet cleaning service.

Here are 5 ways to maintain your carpet after professional cleaning service in Columbus, Ohio:

1. Keep Off the Carpet

After a professional cleaning service, the common mistake made by most homeowners is that they walk on their carpet before it is totally dry. This mistake can be very costly, because walking on your wet carpet flattens the fibers, thus making it more prone to soaking in dirt.

After a professional cleaning service, it is very important to stay off the carpet for at least 2–4 hours. And if you must walk on a wet carpet after a professional cleaning service, you should wear clean white cotton socks.

2. Use Walk-Off Mats

Another way to keep the clean state of your carpet after a professional cleaning service is by using walk-off mats both inside and out of your home. These mats help keep dirt off of your carpeting. The coarse-textured mats outside your doors are made to remove hardened soil off your footwear (this is very advantageous as it makes cleaning on your own easier) and the water-absorbent mats inside your home prevent wet shoes from staining your carpeting.

3. Use a Carpet Protector

Keeping your carpet clean after a professional cleaning service can be very difficult, especially if your carpet is untreated, as dirt and stains cling easily to an untreated carpet. But when you apply a carpet protector, it becomes difficult for dirt and stains to survive.

A carpet protector repels most liquids before staining and wicking can occur. So, if you have a goal of keeping your carpet clean after a professional carpet cleaning service, you need to consider a carpet protector!

4. Clean Spills & Stains Immediately

Months in and your carpet still looks good as new. Deep down, you felt a sense of accomplishment and decided to toast it out. And right then and there, you spill wine on your carpet!

Stains and spills are inevitable, but how you handle them is what matters. When spills happen, you need to remove them from your carpet immediately. The longer the spill stays on your carpet, the tougher it becomes to remove.

5. Vacuum Regularly

How many times a week do you vacuum your carpet? Only when dirt becomes visible? Or maybe once in 6 months? Leaving your carpet dirty can build-up bacteria that causes a permanent musty smell.

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can significantly reduce the amount of bacteria in your carpets, and this can lead to fresher air and a pleasant aroma. If you plan to maintain the clean state of your carpet after a professional cleaning service, you have to develop a habit of cleaning them regularly.

But if you can't because of your busy schedules, H.I.S. Carpet Cleaning can help get those grimes off your carpet in no time. We are a local cleaning company based in Columbus, Ohio that provides affordable, and quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Contact us today to talk about your needs and how we can help meet those needs!

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