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5 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean in Columbus, Ohio

Carpets get dirty, especially in Columbus, Ohio—it an undeniable fact. But letting the problem go without a solution can make the sheen of your carpet become dull. As a result of

dirt, your carpet can look old and dingy.

Dirt is like thousands of little blades that cut carpet fibers. When you walk across a dirty carpet, you grind sharp dirt particles against the yarn, and this makes tiny nicks in the fibers.

To prevent this from happening, here are 5 proper maintenance tips and damage-control strategies you can take to keep your carpeted floors cozy, clean, and new for years to come.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

There are countless steps you can take when striving to maintain your carpet, but vacuum cleaning is always the most basic approach. Dirt has abrasive qualities, and scientists believe thousands of dust mites can survive on 1oz of carpet dust. Dangerous germs like

Norovirus found in dirty carpets can cause you stomach flu, and many undesired symptoms.

So, it is beneficial for you vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week, as this can help remove up to 75% of dirt and debris that causes your carpet to age before its time. When you vacuum regularly, you will be saving both your carpet and health.

2. Soak Up Spills

Carpet Spill

One thing that you can't avoid is spills; they are practically inevitable. But how you manage them is what matters. When you notice or witness a spill on your carpet, you need to act quickly using the right technique.

Start by applying a cleaning solution on the affected spot immediately—the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove the stain. Then blot with a clean cloth or paper towel as this would help soak up the liquid out of your carpet. Do not forget to blot from the outside; it helps prevent the spill from spreading.

3. Trim Snags When Visible

Carpet Snag

Carpets, especially Berbers, are bound to snag eventually. And if you have extra activities coming from kids or pets, you should expect them any time soon.

When snags become visible, the number one thing you need to remember is never to pull a snag; you might end up ripping your carpet apart. Instead, reach out for a pair of scissors and trim the snag at its base. This simple step would help prevent any further damage.

4. Monitor High-Traffic Zones

Carpet Traffic

Parts of your home, like your carpeted stairs and hallways, receive higher foot traffic. This means those parts of your home require more attention as they are prone to heavy dirt and debris.

As a preventive measure, try laying a durable and long lasting area rug as an added form of prevention or maybe implement a no-shoes policy in your home. This would protect your carpet and save you money.

5. Deep Clean Regularly

Almost all carpet companies in Columbus, Ohio require you to professionally clean your carpet every 6 to 12 month, as this would keep them looking fresh and grime-free.

No matter how thorough you vacuum, clean and maintain your carpet, it still needs professional care from time to time. You can always hire a professional like H.I.S. Carpet Cleaning for better results. We are a local cleaning company based in Columbus, Ohio that provides quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Call us today to talk about your specifications, learn more about our products and services, request a quote, or schedule a visit to one of our representatives.

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